The T-Shirts Quilt

T-Shirts Quilt

Not all quilts are made or used in the same way. Some are traditional patterns of colors in both simple and complex designs. One popular quilt is the keepsake quilt, and within this category is the t-shirts quilt. You can create a lovely t-shirt design with a contrasting color between each of the shirts. It is possible to do a solid color backing or do a double-sided t-shirts quilt. Go through your old t-shirts to find those that are in the best condition, have colorful logos or graphics, and have a similar theme. If you have t-shirts from traveling to different areas of the country, from schools or concerts, you attended, or sports memorabilia, these will all preserve a special memory or time in your life.

There are several different methods and patterns to make quilts. The most common is a block quilt where each piece is the same size in placed in rows. Each row is then attached, and batting is placed in between the top layer and the backing. But quilts can become as complex as you like. You can cut the pieces into irregular shapes or use several small pieces to create one block. Make sure the most intriguing part of the shirt is contained in each piece.

Cotton t-shirts are a great fabric for a blanket. It will be soft, comfortable, and durable, which is important if you are going to use it for several years. You can make it big enough for your bed or create a throw for your couch. It can even be used to decorate as wall art in a frame. If you go online and search for quilting companies, you can look at different designs and patterns to get ideas on how to put your quilt together. If you don’t want to do the project yourself, just talk to a consultant who will explain how to get your t-shirts to the company so that they may begin it for you.

They will help select fabrics for strips of color between shirts and the backing if necessary. Choose your favorite shirts according to the condition, color, and theme. You may be matching color to a room or choosing an event to memorialize. Cut your t-shirts to a specific size based on how big the finished project will be. Leave a border for the seam and iron each piece, so it lays flat when you begin putting it together. If you get this far and don’t want to invest in a sewing machine, send it to the quilt company to assemble it for you.

The t-shirts quilt is a keepsake that you will always enjoy. It can be given as a gift for special occasions. It will certainly be an original way to express your love or gratitude for someone in your life. The effort and thought involved in making one is very personal. Go through your t-shirts or the shirts of the person you are making a gift for and begin!