The Reasons Why We Love Disability Insurance For Physicians

Their listings are disability insurance for doctors performed via auction so that we introduced that procedure over to the usa and it is just blowing up within the past months I believe we have done around so I would say in what California Oregon Nevada and we only recently jumped to Hawaii so it’s catching on and sort of and exactly the exact same thing that I just said we are bringing people through the front door our auction listings and we’ve got the stats since we had been big on stats we are bringing in more visitors to front.

Door been a conventional listing and traffic is everything nicely so right now I believe that the real estate auction version might have a small bit of a bad reputation how its used not by Courtships but by how it’s been utilized by other businesses it is quite disability insurance for physicians restrictive on the purchaser there are a whole lot of sort of baked in expenditures which individuals might or might not know about just how can you guys do this a little bit differently than you believe it is a much better product on the industry absolutely I mean everyone believes of auctions and they believe about an internet auction and we are nothing like this is a true auction.

We’re getting auction occasions right now we are doing much business using our choices once a month today we are doing auctions in a resort right we ran from the banquet area and we really do the live auctions there that is amazing it is amazing you must find that among these Barker it’s it is like manners of yes Ben Brady he is our manager of auctions.

Here he has been doing so for a while it is a fairly neat thing to see it live and in actions but that which we’ve managed to do is we have managed to actually dispel a few of the truths with auctions straight we think have a much better product so far as disclosure than many for example what we do is we all do all of the disclosures whether it is the vendors disclosures.