Don’t Fall For This Plastic Name Tag Holders Scam

Because it’ll leave a fingerprint what I do is I get the lot of type image in my fingers and then just kind of line it up and drop it on there and then just rub real good on the back because you’ll see like little bubble areas on the back it through this front I don’t know if you can see that if it looks like levels plastic name tag holders.

plastic name tag holders

I just take a nice scrape real good on the back until all of those little bubbles are gone and then you’ve got your image okay then you take this thing just drop your image down in and out the other side you’ll see the paper sticking out you just kind of slide and that will pull your image through fill it off scrape the back to get back sticky on there good sorry this is my first time doing a video guys gals and.

You just peel your top film all and there’s your bubble you just kind of pop him off of there grab this just line up straight and then you just push really hard until it’s good and stuck now there’s that now if you’re wanting to do like I did on this one and add a little embellishment see I’ve got a whole little bag of those but.

You want to do that first and let that dry really good I use super glue on that part because I’ve have used e before and that ended up popping off when you’re doing these you want to put a good glob underneath that bottle cap that way it holds really well but you can’t do that with these cuz then you’ll see all.

That ugly yucky Duke around it so what I do is I put a little bit of glue on just like a couple little places like right there together around the rim and then I just let it lay it down and do it because it’ll it’s hard to get it to stay even it slips so you want to stick that on there and lay it flat on your countertop or wherever until that is fully dry because it’s not that super glue.